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Milano, Electa
Media group: Monografie


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Statement of Responsibility: Rodolfo Pallucchini ; Paola Rossi
Medium identifier: Allgemein
Publisher: Milano, Electa
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ISBN: 8843543857
ISBN (2nd): 8843532847
Tags: Tintoretto, Le Tintoret, Robusti, Iacopo, Robusti, Jacopo, Tintoret, Tintoret, Jacopo, Tintoret, Le, Tintoretto, Jacomo (Vornamensform in Buchtitel), Tintoretto, Jacopo, Tintoretto, Jacopo R., Tintoretto, Jacopo Robusti
Participating parties: Search for this character Tintoretto [Illustrator]; Pallucchini, Rodolfo; Rossi, Paola
Language: Italienisch
Footnote: In Schuber
Media group: Monografie