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Cover von Sotheby's London

Sotheby's London

l Sotheby's <London>
London, Sotheby's
Media group: Handelskatalog
Cover von Photographs
Auction in London
Author: Sotheby's <London> Search for this author
Year: 2014
Media group: Ausstellungskatalog
Cover von An exhibition of old master and English drawings and European bronzes
from the collection of Charles Rogers [1711-1784] and the William Cotton bequest ; on loan from the City Museum and Art Gallery Plymouth ; New Bond street, London: 20.8.-31.8.1979 ; Torquay, London: 5.-7.9.1979
Author: Plymouth Municipal Museum and Art Gallery; Sotheby's <London> Search for this author
Year: 1979
Media group: Ausstellungskatalog