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Ackermann’s photogenic drawing apparatus

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Year: 1977
Publisher: [London], Royal Photographic Society Historical Group
Media group: B


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[This booklet was publ. in April 1839 and it was the first photographic instruction book to be printed. It accompanied a box of paper, a printing frame and chemicals for making photogenic drawings, details of which can be found in the text. The pamphlet from which this facsimile is made is in the RPS library. It is believed to be the only surviving copy.]


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Statement of Responsibility: London, Ackermann and Co. and Rudolph Ackermann
Year: 1977
Publisher: [London], Royal Photographic Society Historical Group
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Description: Facsimile ed., 8 S.
Tags: Photographie, Aufnahme <Fotografie>, Aufnahme <Fotographie>, Aufnahme <Photographie>, Foto, Fotoaufnahme, Fotografie, Fotografieren, Fotografische Aufnahme, Fotographie, Fotographieren, Fotographische Aufnahme, Fotokunst, Lichtbild <Fotografie>, Lichtbild <Fotographie>, Lichtbild <Photographie>, Photo, Photoaufnahme, Photographieren, Photographische Aufnahme, Photokunst
Participating parties: Search for this character Ackermann, Rudolph
Language: Englisch
Footnote: Facsimile edition of 1839 edition, published by Ackermann and Co., London
Media group: B