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Hercules Segers

painter, etcher
l Seghers, Hercules [KünstlerIn]; Rijksmuseum <Amsterdam>; Metropolitan Museum of Art
Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum
Media group: Werkverzeichnis


Hercules Segers (1589/90-1633/40) was an artist, like Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer and Rembrandt van Rijn, who wanted to fathom and reproduce the essence of nature and the world. There is no evidence that Segers ever travelled or saw mountains in real life. His strange and wonderful mountain landscapes and endless vistas bear witness to an unbounded imagination. Segers was a truly pioneering etcher, developing wholly individual, arcane techniques for his colourful etchings. Poets and artists down through the ages have been inspired and fascinated by his poetic and melancholic paintings and prints. Rembrandt owned no fewer than eight of his paintings. A total of eighteen paintings and a hundred and ten impressions of fifty-four prints will be on show in the Rijksmuseum. Exhibition: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands (07.10.2016-08.01.2017) / Amsterdam


Statement of Responsibility:
Medium identifier: Allgemein
Year: 2017
Publisher: Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum
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Language: Englisch
Footnote: Catalog of an exhibition at Rijksmuseum from October 7, 2016-January 8, 2017, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, February 7-May 21, 2017. - Includes bibliographical references and index
Media group: Werkverzeichnis