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Aspects of twentieth century art

Ardon, Bacon, Balla,.. Picasso - important paintings, ... Henry Moore ; recent work, ... ; Marlborough Fine Art, London ; (summer exhibition, July-August 1962)
Author: Search for this author Marlborough Fine Art <London>
Year: 1962
Media group: Ausstellungskatalog


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Reserve Shelfmark: A.K. London 1962 (ohne Sign.) Location 2: Status: available Media group: Ausstellungskatalog Lending note: Reservations: 0


Ausst.: Marlborough Fine Art <London> : 7.-8.1962


Author: Search for this author Marlborough Fine Art <London>
Year: 1962
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Description: 44 ungez. Bl. : überw. Taf.
Tags: Ausstellung, London <1962>, Moore, Henry, Picasso, Pablo, Ausstellungen, Bikasu, Bablu, Mo-erh, Heng-li ($d1898-), Moore, Henry Spencer, Mor, Henri ($d1898-), Mur, Henri ($d1898-), Pi-chia-so, Picasso, ..., Pikaso, Pablo, Pikaso, Pabura, Pikaso, Pamplo, Pikasso, Pablo, Pikasso, Pamplo, Ruiz Picasso, Pablo, Ruiz y Picasso, Pablo, Ruiz, Pablo, Ruys Picasso, Pablo, Ruys, Pablo, Sonderausstellung, Spencer Moore, Henry
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Language: Englisch
Media group: Ausstellungskatalog