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Art and identity

[all papers in this volume were collected from the symposium Art and Identity, held by Project of Western Art History Studies during October 3, 4, 5, 2003]
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Year: 2005
Publisher: Taipei, SMC Publ.
Media group: B


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Statement of Responsibility: ed. by Shai-Shu Tzeng
Year: 2005
Publisher: Taipei, SMC Publ.
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ISBN: 957-638681-0
ISBN (2nd): 978-957-638681-7
Description: IX, 296 S. : Ill
Tags: Kongress, Kulturelle Identität, Kunst, Nationalbewusstsein, Bildende Kunst, Historische Identität <Nationalbewusstsein>, Identität / Kultur, Kolloquium, Kongresse, Kulturelles Bewusstsein, Kunstdenkmal <Kunst>, Künstlersymposion, Nationale Identität <Nationalbewusstsein>, Nationales Bewusstsein, Nationalgefühl, Sommerschule <Kongress>, Symposion <Kongress>, Symposium <Kongress>, Tagung <Kongress>, Vortragssammlung
Participating parties: Search for this character Tzeng, Shai-Shu
Language: chi, Englisch
Footnote: Text chines. in chines. Schrift; Abstracts in engl. Sprache
Media group: B