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Das Schicksal der Bremer Dürer-Aquarelle

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Year: 1948
Media group: B


ActionShelfmarkLocation 2StatusMedia groupLending noteReservations
Reserve Shelfmark: K.S.B-6584 Publikation Dürer D Location 2: Status: available Media group: B Lending note: Reservations: 0


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Statement of Responsibility: Dürer
Year: 1948
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Tags: Dürer, Albrecht, Direr, Albreht, Djurer, A., Djurer, Albrecht, Duerer, Albrecht, Durer, ..., Dürer, ..., Durer, Albert, Dürer, Albert, Dürer, Albert Albrecht, Durer, Alberto, Dürer, Alberto, Durer, Albertus, Durer, Albrecht, Durero, ..., Durero, Alberto, Dürero, Alberto, Durerus, Albertus, Dürrer, Alb., Dyûrâ, ...
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Footnote: aus: Museum - Heute, Ein Querschnitt; Kopie
Media group: B