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Tradition & transitions

eighteenth-century French art from the Horvitz Collection
Verfasser: Suche nach diesem Verfasser Horvitz Collection; Musée du Petit Palais <Paris> [Gastgebende Institution]
Jahr: 2017
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This exhibition and its accompanying catalogue provide the visitor and reader with an exploration of the "tradition and transitions" of manners and themes that formed and shifted throughout the art of eighteenth-century France. Examples of works that reveal both the concurrent and successive styles of the long eighteenth-century of French draftsmanship from Charles de La Fosse and Jean-Baptiste Jouvenet at the end of the seventeenth century to the genesis of the Rococo (Claude Gillot, Jean-Antoine Watteau, François Le Moyne) and the Generation of 1700 (Edme Bouchardon, François Boucher, Michel-François Dandré-Bardon, Jacques Dumont, CharlesJoseph Natoire, Pierre-Hubert Subleyras, the Vanloos, which took the French School to its early maturity. Their students, particularly Jean-Honoré Fragonard and Hubert Robert, benefited from and greatly expanded upon this rich inheritance as some of their contemporaries (Charles-Nicolas Cochin le jeune, Joseph-Marie Vien, Jean-Baptiste Deshays, Gabriel-François Doyen) simultaneously searched for a new, less florid mode of expression that eventually led to the Neoclassicism of JacquesLouis David and his generation in the closing decades of the century. Their students then explored stylistic and thematic variations of that manner into the next century. The wealth of this collection enables visitors to see a full array of the art made within these successive generations by well-known masters as well as by lesser-known artists who were often considered to be their equals in their own time. It also reveals the large variety of regional styles from artists working in important centers other than Paris


Verfasserangabe: edited by Alvin L. Clark, Jr. ; preface by Pierre Rosenberg de l'Académie française
Jahr: 2017
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ISBN: 978-0-9912625-1-9
2. ISBN: 0-9912625-1-4
Beschreibung: 701 Seiten
Schlagwörter: Art français / 18e siècle / Expositions, Art, French / 18th century / Exhibitions, Essay, Essays, Exhibition catalogs, Horvitz Collection / Exhibitions, Horvitz Collection / Expositions, Horvitz, Carol / Collections d'art / Expositions, Horvitz, Jeffrey E. / Collections d'art / Expositions, Illustrated works, Horvitz, Jeffrey E., Sammlung, Frankreich, Geschichte 1700-1800, Kunst, Horvitz Collection, Sammlungen, Bildende Kunst, France, Kunstdenkmal <Kunst>
Beteiligte Personen: Suche nach dieser Beteiligten Person Clark, Alvin L. [Herausgeber] ; Rosenberg, Pierre [Verfasser eines Vorworts]
Sprache: Englisch
Fußnote: "This catalogue accompanies the exhibition of The Horvitz Collection at the Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris, 21 March-9 July 2017" -- Title page verso