Cover von Brice Marden
[this catalogue was published to accompany an exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Brice Marden at the Matthew Marks Gallery from 13 October 1995 through 14 January 1996]
Verfasser: Matthew Marks Gallery <New York, NY> Suche nach diesem Verfasser
Jahr: 1995
Mediengruppe: Ausstellungskatalog
Cover von Donald Baechler - early work 1980 to 1984
[publ. on the occasion of the 2015 Cheim & Read exhibition]
Verfasser: Cheim & Read <New York, NY> Suche nach diesem Verfasser
Medienkennzeichen: Allgemein
Jahr: 2015
Verlag: New York, Cheim & Read
Mediengruppe: Ausstellungskatalog